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Why Invest in Doral?

With the housing market in South Florida dominating headlines, the suburban, sprawling town of Doral, Miami, one of West Miami-Dade county’s premier neighborhoods, continues to grow. In recent years Doral has enjoyed a new revitalization, moving from its beginnings as a golf-resort centered community to a destination for families, businesses, and young professionals. Located just one mile from the Miami International Airport, the transformation of the city opens new opportunities for buyers to find a wide range of homes and condos to buy and lease outside of the surrounding bustling cities of Miami and Miami Beach. Doral is a medium sized city with a population of nearly 55,000 residents, with a culturally diverse but large Latin-American population. The city has attracted many new young, middle class to wealthier residents in recent years due to its favorable location, strong workforce, top-notched “A” ranked schools, healthy local economy (one of the biggest job centers in Dade County) and lifestyle amenities.

Here are a few reasons why investors can take a look at Doral when choosing where to buy next:

  1. Doral’s affordability, lifestyle amenities, new developments and housing diversity, as well as its low unemployment rate are among top reasons why this city is one of the best places to invest.

  2. The city of Doral is ranked #2 of America’s top 25 towns to live well for its cultural amenities, pro-business environments and educated workforce by; and third best place in the USA to retire by U.S. News World Report.

  3. In 2015, NerdWallet, a consumer advocacy site, recently ranked Doral as the number 1 places in Florida to invest in real estate.

  4. Doral is growing at a rapid rate and in the real estate sector, the city is currently experiencing a buyer’s market; making it an ideal place to invest or buy a second-home due to its growing home and condo inventory.

  5. Doral is a top neighborhood for investors with its large offering of residential options including townhomes, condos and single family homes. Doral’s medium list prices for residential offerings range in the $400K, while at the higher end of the market, home and luxury condo prices are among the most expensive in Florida and steadily rising, having grown 62.1% over the past ten years.

  6. The city’s motto, “live, work, play, learn,” represents the type of community that offers a wide variety of amenities for its varied residents and attracts new buyers for business advantages (many major companies are headquartered in Doral such as Carnival Cruise lines, Univision, Wal-Mart, Federal Reserve Bank and more) and an appealing lifestyle.

  7. Recreational activities and amenities abound in Doral. Once the epicenter of the golf world with the annual PGA Trump National Doral Tournament, the city now hosts a myriad of local events throughout the year. The city offers recreational, entertainment and leisure events in many categories including music and art festivals, a wide range of sports and fitness events, business and professional expos and many more categories. There always something to do in Doral for the entire family and the city flourishes with large, green park systems and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

Bonus: Downtown Doral

With its close proximity to Miami and the Beaches, the city has world class entertainment options just a short drive away including beaches, museums, and world class shopping and dining destinations for those who like variety. Right in the neighborhood, there’s Downtown Doral and its surrounding communities which have welcomed many mixed-use, large scale developments that offer new restaurants, movie theaters, outdoor cafes, shopping and retail destinations as well as residences which includes single family homes and condos for rent and sale. The area is popular destination for international and domestic residents and its affordability and diversity of housing and lifestyle options make it a prime choice for a home purchase or rental for those seeking a quieter but still active standard of living compared to the hustle and bustle of Miami.

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